What is mining for jeans?

There are really strange things in the world you do not even know exists, like for example the mining for jeans. Jeans are a good example of a resilient fashion because it never has been outdated since it was first used as work clothing in the West.

Now, you’re wondering why Levi’s are good old jeans that have its reputation ever since? In America, Levi’s were invented by Levi Strauss for the miners to have comfortable overalls they can use while working in the mines. They were worn by the silver miners in the late 1800s. From there, Levi’s had become the daily wear for farmers, miners, and even cattlemen throughout the West. So to speak, they are antique jeans, and that’s what makes the brand so popular and worthy.

Like passionate collectors, there are people who are into jeans mining, especially digging for the vintage ones, because they seemed like rags to many but they actually were likely worth thousands. The oldest pair of Levi’s from 1873, for example, can worth up to $100,000, and only a few people are authorized to sell directly to Levi’s.

Even a torn piece of vintage denim can cost a lot. The mining goes the same as mining for precious stones and minerals, except the miners dig for vintage denim and not for golds and silvers. Miners don’t go dip tunnels, they just dig through rocks inside the mine opening because most of the miners’ jeans have been covered with rocks and trash.

Mining for jeans attracts archivist and collectors not only because they worth thousands, but also because they are part of the history. Jeans is part of the people’s culture and later became part of the fashion world. As people say in the fashion world, one can’t go wrong with a pair of good jeans. Same as for the miners, one can’t also go wrong even in a piece of torn jeans because it brings money.

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