The History of Blue Jeans and Denim

When it comes to fashion, people always choose comfort before style. Therefore, fashion industries always create something that is not only stylish, but also comfortable to wear. Every decade, there are different styles of clothing that became a hit. People conform to whatever is famous during their times. However, there are still some who choose not to.

Blue jeans and denim are some of the notable fashion clothing that is timeless. They have always been there, and most clothing lines are only enhancing it for better fitting. But do people really know when and how these blue jeans and denim started?

When and How it all began

Jeans started to rise during the year 1800’s. Denim trousers were worn by miners but before they were called denim they were first known as overalls for the waist. Then, the idea sparked into Jacob Davis. He was a tailor and he opened his idea to Levi Strauss. They collaborated on the idea—Strauss will support the financial needs and Davis is responsible for the design. Since then, blue jeans and denim have created a new contribution to the fashion industry.

Blue Jeans and Denim throughout the years

Over the years, the idea of blue jeans and denim has been adopted by different clothing lines and recreated it as well.

The 1920s to 1930s

During these years, jeans were only common for men.It is basically worn by the working men only.

The 1950s

Jeans have already begun to make its way even with the young people. Celebrity icons and singers even started to wear them which made it a lot popular. Blue denim and jeans were known to be clothing for “badass” people.

The 1960s

It was only during this hipster era when most women started to wear blue denim and jeans. The fashion statement during these years was known to establish freedom for every men and women.

The 1970s

Denim has also made its way to denim jackets and skirts.

The 1980s

Designer brands started to create their own versions of denim jeans.

The 1990s

This is the era where jeans became famous for dancers especially those who enjoy hip-hop. The lower the jeans, the better.

The 2000s to now

There are different versions of the jeans created—skinny jeans, high-waists, and more designs were created. Truly, blue jeans and denim have evolved into a more stylish design.

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