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What is mining for jeans?

There are really strange things in the world you do not even know exists, like for example the mining for jeans. Jeans are a good example of a resilient fashion because it never has been outdated since it was first used as work clothing in the West. Now, you’re wondering why Levi’s are good old […]

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The History of Blue Jeans and Denim

When it comes to fashion, people always choose comfort before style. Therefore, fashion industries always create something that is not only stylish, but also comfortable to wear. Every decade, there are different styles of clothing that became a hit. People conform to whatever is famous during their times. However, there are still some who choose […]


How to distress jeans

No one escapes a pair of jeans because they are fashion staple ever since. Resilience is what they differ from others since they are standard not only in the fashion world, but also in everyday dressing. Distressed jeans are somewhat worn-out-but-still-in kind of denim. Distressing jeans is not only fashionable but also gives another birth […]