Clothing & Sex: How Clothing Makes Sex Hotter

If you believe that the only purpose of clothe is to serve as an obstacle during sex.  Don’t be in a haste to strip your clothes, there are naughty tricks you can pull with your clothing that would heat up the fore play. “Staying partially nude helps to build up anticipation and also makes the sex feel spontaneous and you can also use clothing to help you enhance tactile sensations”

You can try these tips to get a cozier sexual session just like you see in the CFNM fetish porn.

    • Stand behind your partner, arms wrapped round his torso, press against him then slip your hands into his boxers while kissing the back of his neck.
    • Let him stare at you in a bra, panties and heels. This combo always turns most men on.
    • You can blindfold him with a piece of clothing, and this would help heighten other senses, and not knowing your next move would make him sexually wild.
    • While wearing a silky camisole, climb him and rub your body all over his naked skin.
  • Make him lick your breasts through a sheer bra, then let them loose and grant him full access.

    • Playfully smack him with his belt.
    • You can also bind his ankles with your bra, and the feeling of being dominated makes him feel ecstasy
    • Unzip his pants, but don’t pull them off. You can take his cock out of the opening in his boxers and give him oral sex
    • Roll a smooth beaded necklace over his stomach or down his thighs just to give his skin a soft, sweet tingle
  • Remove your panties, but ensure you still have your skirt on, for girl-on-top sex, just like you the CFNM fetish porn you watch.

    • Removing the front closure of your bra before making him climax and setting your breasts free would make him want more.
    • Sit on top of him when he is wearing briefs or boxers, and you are putting on an underwear or thin shorts and then start grinding him for as long as you can, then reveal your whole body to him and have sex.
    • Don’t let him remove his shirt during sex. You can grab his cloth in the middle of his chest, twist so it tightens around his torso then pull him close during mid-orgasm.
  • You can push your underwear aside to have sex, and this would give the feeling that you cannot wait to have each other.